Monday, November 19, 2007

#6 Sign a Hobo (0/33)

AUSTIN, TX - Where have all the Hobos gone? Sunday morning I had a few errands to run around town and thought, "this would be a perfect time to Sign a Hobo". But, to my dismay there weren't any around. I even hit the usual spots trying to get at the usual suspects; The one legged chair rider on the East side of William Cannon & I-35 and the crazy shake guy on the West side of 35, but NO luck! I am almost convinced even those guys take Sunday's off.

I'm thinking my next effort will have to take place on a Saturday. I mean, I'd much rather blog about my success, with pictures to highlight the "event" than to be here with really nothing at all. No worries, my next effort will be a definite success!

"I'm thinking Arby's"

Diego Ybarra

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Lisa said...

what is sign a hobo?
and if youre going to be reading my blog u need to comment. i am not here for my health.