Tuesday, November 09, 2010

30 by 30: UPDATE

I nearly forgot all about this until I was trying to clean up my tags...
Here's a brief update on my 30 by 30.

-Eye Exam + New Contacts - I'm working on this as we speak, I have my follow up Friday morning.

-Plan and Host Lil Money's 1st Birthday Party - You better bulee this has been in the works for at least a month now.

-Go to Six Flags (Fright Ferst) - A spooktacular annual event, with the addition of hittin up the State Fair, I look forward to continuing this tradition.

-Acquire and Plant a New Tree in the Backyard - Thanks to my broseph, Joseph, I didn't have to buy a tree. There something about digging a hole in the earth that is accomplishing.

-Buy Disney Movie(s) for Lil Money - And myself. haha. Your boy jumped on Beauty and The Beast the day Disney (RE)released it form their vault.

-Have a Yard Sale - Uhh, there was one at my house... Other than items contributed, I didn't play a part in this at all. My brother and I had too much fun the night before, we were... Tired.

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