Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am Thankful.

I am thanful:

... That I am a father to a healthy, handsome litte boy, I love you.

... To be married to a beautiful and strong woman, I love you.

... That my brother is no longer in that big sandbox & finally safe at home, thank you and I love you.

... For the loving and caring of the friends & families that I have and am a part of, I love you.

Sometimes we are too consumed with the mundane episodes of our day-to-day that we often overlook what is really important in our lives. I am no stranger to this at all, sometimes I wake up fighting mad and sometimes I feel as though I was born to lose, but it's those quiet moments when I am afforded the opportunity to contemplate and meditate with my thoughts that it all becomes clear. This clarity reminds me that I am not alone, it could be so much worse, I will experience the worst of times and just the same feel the joys of the best of times. I wish you all the best this Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

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