Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday Music: Lil Money EP

Today's installment is dedicated to my boy, Lil Money. Unlike when he's with his mom, The Wife, when he's riding with me we're usually jamming. His mom, is usually catching up on her talk show so, he's forced to listen to that. And when I say jam, I guess I'm kinda using it lightly, it's not like we're blasting the speakers out or anything, plus I've got a bit of a system for the music I play and introduce to him. You know, nothing hard or full of cussing just some "ridin' music".

Morning Yearning: The strumming guitar and softness of Ben Harpers' voice is a perfect song for the rides when Lil Money is falling asleep. I enjoy this song and I'm sure he appreciates it delicateness.

Anything Like Me: I actually just recently heard this song, from the very beginning it had me. I don't know anything about fatherhood, but I do remember being a little boy and the "heck" of a time I sometimes gave my mother. I wasn't a bad kid, just a boy and I enjoyed everyday of it. With the help of Lil Money and letting him be a boy I will learn to be a father.

Hanuman: Does that boy like the guitar? Yes he does, he could be fussing with a floor full of toys in front of him, but as soon as I grab that Ovation his eyes light up as he begins to bounce and smile. When I hear this song not only do I wish I could play this well but it makes me think of him every time. Maybe some day he'll play for me.

Rock Around the Clock: Whew, this dad thing can be exhausting. Now I'm only 8 months into it but I am also a fool. A fool who thinks he's got it down. Why do I think this when I know it's never the same? No nap today, sleep all night, nap all day, awake several times a night... There's no real way to know what "The King" is gonna be doing or how he is going to be feeling. but as his servants we've got to make him happy. No matter what. And one night as I woke up with him, this song was playing, and it fit perfectly.

Ben Harper - Morning Yearning

Brad Paisley - Anything Like Me

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Hanuman

Bill Haley - Rock Around the Clock

I love you son.

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