Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Irish Bust the Trojans

Of all the games this season and every season, the one I look forward to most is when Notre Dame takes on The Trojans of Southern California. It's a rivalry game at it's finest and as soon as the schedule is posted, I make sure to circle that date. Recently however; and by recently I mean the last 8 match ups and 2 coaches ago, Notre Dame hasn't made this meeting much of a rivalry. The closest and best game was in 2005, Charlie Weis' first season, when Notre Dame lost 31 - 34 on the infamous "Bush Push" play. Reggie Bush went on to win the Heisman that season and his Trojans were defeated by the Texas Longhorns in the National Championship, Hook'em.

Bush Push

It's 2010 now, Reggie Bush is no longer the proud winner of the Heisman Trophy and The Fighting Irish are now coached by Brian Kelly. The feeling was different this season, instead of believing there was a chance ND could win this game I knew they could. They had the talent and heart to do it and they had just come off a two game win streak, with a win over USC they would be undefeated in November.

Unfortunately I was unable to see the game as I live in the heart of BIG XII country, Austin, Texas and ESPN on ABC was regionally and pretty much nationally showing the Oklahoma vs Oklahoma St. game. I guess it makes sense, they were respectively ranked #13 and #9, while Notre Dame is unranked and USC is under sanctions so they don't really matter. But that sucked for me. At least Notre Dame is on point and put the highlight reel together. How I wish I could have seen this game, guess I have to wait until they go bowling.

Robert Hughes Game Winning Touchdown. AP: Jae C. Hong


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