Monday, November 29, 2010


There’s no party like a Thanksgiving Party cause a Thanksgiving Party don’t stop. Des bulee those words rang true this year, from the moment The Wife and I loaded up and strapped Lil Money in his car-seat we were on go.

First stop, The Cowan House, there we gathered with The Wife’s family, enjoyed conversation and a lot of good food.

Shot by: The Wife

Just before the Dallas game started my tribe loaded up once again and headed to my mom’s house for more family, football and all around good times. This year was a good year, we were able to share this Thanksgiving with my Aunt Kim and cousin Richard, they’ve been in South Korea for a long time and we rarely get to spend time together so it’s always good when we get to see them. While at my moms we ate more and played with the kids my niece and nephew and Lil Money, it’s an awesome thing knowing that many holidays ago I was just a little one playing on the floor, now I am a father to that tradition.

Last stop, a holiday visit with our good friends Chris and Brandy… Hmmm, if they were a famous couple what would their “name” be…? Bris? Nah that’s lame and has no shine. I’m thinking Chandy, yeah that’s sweet, like candy. It’s settled that’s their now famous couple-name. Dig it. Visits with Chandy are always a good time, we enjoy the same things, movies, shows and we even read the same books and Chris even introduced me to the oh so sweet goodness that is BIG BLUE. Thanks Chris and Brandy, good times.

I wish I had taken pictures of the holiday weekend but I was just too busy living it to stop for a flash.


Stephanie said...

Big Blue? What? If it's anything like Big Red, I'm all in. Mmm can't wait to sample that.

DY said...

No doubt Steph, I'll make sure to have some ready for you. It's pretty F'n good, like candy in a can.