Friday, December 10, 2010

There's Flurries Today!!

... That's what the text from my sister in Virginia read. Lucky, the closest to snow I get in this town is Jim Jim's Water Ice, while a delicious treat, it's not snow. I've only seen snow a couple of times in my life, in my neck of the woods we don't get snow, we do get frozen streets though. Yay. In all honesty it doesn't really bother me, I'm more of a warn to hot weather kind of guy, layering up your clothing is cool for style but I'd much rather be chillin in water on a hot day that chilling in my boots on a cold day. But every now and again would be nice, it would be cool to build and actual snow man or have a snow ball fight, that would be awesome.

Here are a couple of songs I think of when I think of cold weather and snow. Enjoy tunes and the weather.

Ben Harper & The Relentless 7 - Skin Thin

Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting - Baby It's Cold Outside

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