Thursday, December 02, 2010

Austin Urban Farmers Market

This past weekend I caught up with my good friend Joseph who I hadn’t seen in quite some time, we hung out had a few beers and talked about the family. The great thing about friends like him, is even though it had been a while we picked up pretty much where we left off, didn’t miss a beat.

I talked mostly about Lil Money as he is the biggest thing in my life and like a proud father I enjoy talking about him. I found it interesting that Joseph has recently gotten into the local farmers market scene and is involved as much as possible. He is the markets local Quail guy, selling home raised Quail and eggs. I am a huge advocate of local business and believe that we should all be able to sustain our desired standard of living within our community; so when he told me that the farmer market he is involved in was hosting an event I told him that I would do my best at getting the information out.

If you’re interested in locally grown produce or happen to be in the South Austin area, you should stop by and say hey to Joseph (Joey). This event sounds like an all around good time with something for everyone.

Support Local Business

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