Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Going Bowling

With matching 7-5 records The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will renew their rivalry with the Miami Hurricanes in the 2010 Sun Bowl on December 31st in El Paso, Texas. Every season the talking heads and those who listen but don't know any better discuss to no end how irrelevant Notre Dame is to college football. Any and all of these discussions is blasphemy, there is college football and then there is Notre Dame.

This season alone Notre Dame has played in the "hottest ticket" game twice, the first was week 8 against Navy (Meadowlands) and the second was against Army (Yankee Stadium). Now they're a part of the fastest sellout in Sun Bowl's 77 year history. To put this in perspective, last season's Sun Bowl mathcup between Oklahoma and Stanford was the fastest sellout in history, when it sold out 10 days prior to the game.

#10: Miami (FL) @ Ohio State: $374 per ticket
#9: Penn State @ Ohio State: $375 per ticket
#8: Alabama @ LSU: $401 per ticket
#7: Florida @ Alabama: $440 per ticket
#6: Florida @ Georgia: $460 per ticket
#5: Auburn @ Alabama: $471 per ticket
#4: Oklahoma @ Texas: $482 per ticket
#3: Michigan @ Ohio State: $519 per ticket
#2: Penn State @ Alabama: $524 per ticket
#1: Notre Dame vs. Army @ Yankeee Stadium: $583 per ticket


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