Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Photo Booth Party

... And that's how the with the mobile strip slash menudo truck ended.

Oh hey, I didn't know anyone was here... Let's change the subject.
So after Big Bite we headed South to JJ World Studio for some photographic awesomeness. This won't be a long winded post, but let me say that this is probably the most fun I've had in front of a camera in a long time. The shop is an awesome mix of vinyl records, vintage clothing and rare frames. The walls are filled with beautiful work in vibrant colors that invite you to visit just a little longer. Our photographer was great, she made us feel comfortable and like seasoned models, working with her was too easy... I can not wait until next time. I highly recommend JJ World Studio for your party and/or photography needs.

Let the party begin.

Those crazy parents.

Lil Money in the place to be.


Party people.


Stephanie said...

Those are soo funny. I wanna go!!!

DY said...

Oh man, you would love it, we'd have a blast.

Kitty said...

those are great shots!!! definitely go down in the history books. Such a great idea!