Thursday, March 31, 2011

80 Years Ago Today

I've been a Notre Dame fan since I was a kid, something some folks find a bit odd... Seeing as I'm from the city that bleeds Burnt Orange. Initially as a child I didn't care much for sports, I mean I liked playing, what kid doesn't but I didn't want to sit around and watch hours of games when playing was much more enjoyable. But at church on Sunday's after mass Father John would talk about Notre Dame Football games and the passion in his voice was just the same as his service. He'd go on and on about their losses and what they should or could have done or he'd speak proudly as they triumphantly conquered opponents. His recaps were amazing and it stirred excitement in me, I wanted to know more about the Fighting Irish he talked about and that began my love of Notre Dame.

As I got older I was more involved in organized sports (Football) I even took timeouts away from playing outside to catch games and sat in awe as the Gold Helmets took the field. I often dreamt of attending Notre Dame with hopes of being a part of the tradition and maybe even trying out for the team. Haha. I never made my way to South Bend but the tradition became a part of me. On game days I'd watch with excitement and took cues from the fans in the stands as they chanted and cheered, the history was becoming apart of me and I was becoming a part of it, I was... No, I am Notre Dame.

You can't be a Notre Dame Football fan and not know the name Knute Rockne, the man is a legend. 80 years ago today a plane crashed in Bazaar, Kansas, Knute Rockne was on that flight, he died at the age of 43. 80 years later his legend lives on.

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