Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two Down... #13 & #23.

#13 Clean out closets & drawers.

I can't remember exactly when, but one day I decided that I was tired of sifting through socks and "drawls" I never wear, so I decided that day was a good day to clean'em out. I grabbed a Hefty bag and took care of bih-ness, filling it with brand new dress socks, sparkling white crew socks, boxers that hadn't seen anything but the back of the drawer in years, undershirts & shorts. 

Once that task was done, I headed towards the closet... I-ight, if any of you know me, you know I have entirely too many clothes, everything from high school crap (I graduated over 10 years ago) to some really nice dress clothes. So this task was gonna take a bit of control, let go of old crap, and yes even a few T's that haven't quite fit well in years and probably hadn't been worn for years longer. At last count I had, I don't know, easily over 60 T-shirts. That's ridiculous, seeing as only 10 or so are in regular rotation. Anyhow, I hit the closet with the furry of a newborn's stuffed animal. Hey, it's hard to let go, who knows when I'll want to that Crockett High School T-shirt again (Note: I didn't even attend that school) haha. I'm not a hoarder or anything, far from it but who knows maybe my son will want one of those random t's someday. In the end, I did get rid of a good amount of T's, some dress shirts, dress pants, shorts and shoes. DONE!

Which leads to...

#23 Donate clothes I no longer wear.

With a FULL Hefty loaded in my ride, I rolled into a Goodwill and donated my goods. I will always be a supporter of thrifting and thrift stores, as a child a lot of my family's clothes were from donated goods and even to this day I still enjoy going to thrift shops in search of hidden treasures. I know someone out there is enjoying some new duds as much as I did and that makes me happy. 

For those of you keeping score that is now $10 more added to the pot for these accomplishments (see: MY LIST #31). 

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