Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Two Winners.

And neither of them are myself or The Wife. [Sigh] As many of you may or may not know, last night was the Mega Millions drawing and with the jackpot being even larger than expected, $380 MILLION, it caught my imagination and fueled my fantasy. And as gambling goes sometimes you win and sometime you… Well you know, and today I sit here not a winner. It just wasn’t in the cards for me, well in this case balls. It wasn’t in the balls for me. [Hmm?] Uhh yeah, you know what I mean.

I guess this will have to wait on me a little longer, along with a few other things I had in mind. I wasn’t gonna go all crazy and buy diamond encrusted toilets or anything but I would like a few (maybe more than a few) nice things. Plus I had plans for investing in my family’s future and projects. Oh well, I guess I’ll go about it the good ol American way and hustle my way to the top. Or die trying.

I’m amazed as to how quickly I jumped aboard this fantasy and I’m sure the same goes for thousands of folks out there everyday. I mean, this was our first time ever playing, we didn’t even know how to play. Yeah I had to look online to see how to pick numbers. But at the end of the day, my health is good, my body works and my mind is right. So, until I catch my “break” I’ll still wake up before the sun and head to the daily grind like the rest of you suckas, complain about rush hour, rest when I can, pinch when I have to, laugh & play as often as possible and enjoy this paradise called life.

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Erica said...

Have you seen any of those stories of previous lottery winners? It's sad how many of them end up in trouble or broke or worse. The couple in Washington that won had apparently won the lottery once before. I think it was $18,000 or something and I thought I heard that he played the same numbers!