Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chris-P Kit N°1 & 2

I have this friend Chris-P of the couple "Chandy" (Chris & Brandy) and recently he's been getting into my gear telling me how he digs my style. Cool. While I do dress to impress -I take that as a great compliment- I really do it for myself, when I look good I feel good and I try to feel good every day.

I figured since he’s feelin' my style I’d hook him up with a kit of his own… Granted I am not buying him any of this gear (I wish), I’m just putting a look together for him, in this case two looks, Day & Night.

Chris-P is a bigger guy than myself, which is no surprise most everyone I know is bigger than me. Anyhow, due to his figure & current style I think he’d be able to rock more of a street-style look than myself. When I think of street-style the first thing to come to mind is footwear. I think street-style offers itself to a more urban and playful side of footwear. Something like Red Wings, while many men wear Red Wings to the daily grind I think the styling is also suitable for urban wear.

Check it out:

N°1 - Day

N°2 - Night

While both looks are relatively the same, each one offers a different opportunity in occasion. The first look is a little more comfortable and playful, ready for the day ahead, with it's color combination and skull tie. The second look is much more cleaner, ready for a night out, but it retains that edge with the eye-catching skull and crossbones tie. I don't know if I could pull these shoes off but I'd definitely get down on both N°1 & N°2.

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