Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've Been Called a Lot of Things...

... But I've never been called that. Yeah, so, I've been refered to as Daniel, Darrel, Darnel, Dale, Fernando, Armando, Orlando, Domingo, Dario, Daygo, Dayago, Drago, D'ahgo and I'm sure a few others but that's just the short list that came to mind.

But... I have never, not once been called The Eagle, I like it though. Haha. On this blog I don't name names too often so I won't put my name on blast but believe me when I say that my name can and obviously has been mistaken for all those listed above if you're not listening correctly or just don't take enough care in listening to what it actually is. I don't mind it much anymore, definitely not as much as I used to when I was younger.

I remember in elementary school I wanted so badly for my name to be Michael, and why not a lot of people were named Michael. Two of my best friends at the time were named Michael, why couldn't I be named Michael. Instead I was given some unique name that I was too young to appreciate.

Now that I'm older I love my name and dispise the fact that it's become popularized so much that it's commercial. So much so, that there's probably a kid out there wishing his name was the same cause it's his best friends name and it's so awesome. I haven't looked but my name is probably now on sale along with all other common names in a McCook, NE souvenier shop. Lame. I certainly hope not.

With that said, I embrace my new alias. I won't ever refer to myself as The Eagle, but you're more than welcome to. Haha, kidding. Oh and you know Iike pictures with my posts and I wanted to find a cool image to go along with this post but didn't want to use the traditional image of a bald eagle or anything when I came across this... I like, and could totally see it as a tattoo, it's beautiful. [Save that to the ol brain vault]

Eagle by Bob King

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