Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day Kit

A Federal holiday... Everyone is off in observance of Washington's Birthday, everyone but me. And that's cause I work in government, so while you read this on your day off -Or a day late- I'm here on the grind... uhhh... Working?

Anyhow, I put a look together that is inspired by presidents and loosely what that means to me. War. I kid, well kinda. The look I'm going for is military inspired, and there we go... Most folks who work in a "casual-workwear" environment probably don't even know that the Chino's they wear everyday were originally standard issue for the British and or French military. A little history for you kids, haha.  I decided to use that as my foundation and went from there. Check it out.

 I especially love these Buckshot Brogues.

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