Thursday, June 10, 2010

My 101: Doin it

#27. Acquire a new Digital Camera
Shiet… I’d take a used one if it worked. New or used would be nice, with
Lil’ Money I we just don’t have that kinda Cash at the moment. Pft, and when I do have extra coin, I usually spend it before considering saving it. Whata-ya-gonna-do?

#28. Take a year's worth of pictures
… Has now, rather, will be titled A Year as Dad. Ha, dad, a word I’ve not said many times in my life and although unfamiliar, I like the sound of it when it comes to me. Anyhow, it is what it is, just me sitting at the desk of my computer and taking a daily snapshot of myself. At the end of a year I plan on putting all the captured shots together with some cool music… Stay tuned.

#30. Take more pictures of our house and yard
See #27… Or will someone please buy me a camera? Kidding. But for real. Here’s a recent shot that The Wife took, check out that green, noice.

#31. Fly a balloon with a note attached of my 101
Something that I thought would be a cool idea, fly a balloon with a note and wait… to see if anyone finds it after it lands and checks out the blog. While this is probably one of the easiest items on my list, I still have yet to get it done. Simply put, I’m lazy and besides it’s not like I’ve got balloons, string and helium stocked at the house. Yeah, that’s my story.

#32. Buy a CD a month and write a review
I love music, new and old, loud and soft, the emotion it gives me is like no other and as much as I’d like to up my stock of music it’s just not going to happen. Yeah, albums cost anywhere from $9 - $20+ and that’s not much when you consider it as only a monthly purchase, but as I mentioned before when I do have coin to spend I spend it and recently I’ve been on a tie kick. Besides, I read what I write and I know that I can not even begin to articulate my feelings, thoughts and ideas music gives me. I like what I like and from time to time I share those pieces with you
here on the blog.

#34 Learn to cook shrimp
No apologies for the following… But the fuck faces of BP may be ruining the quality of seafood in my area for years in the Gulf Coast. The impact won’t even be truly known for years because there just isn’t a baseline for what’s going on today. Just thinking about shrimp and seafood in general pisses me off because it creates images of the suffering wildlife and the poisoning of the shores on the coastline.

#35 Learn how to grill ribs
Baby backs to be specific. Mmmm Ribs. I told a buddy that I was planning on trying my hand at grilling some baby backs and he provided me with some Corcky’s Memphis Bar-B-Que sauce, now I just need to get some rub and ribs and get to grilling. Stay tuned, it will be done. And I can’t wait.


Anonymous said...

James and I grilled ribs not to long ago. Our first time and they came out pretty tasty. A tip his mom or dad told us, one of them. To boil them for about 45 minutes. It takes away from the long wait time on the grill. Just a tip if you don't want to wait forever. Mmm....I want some now.

DY said...

Thanks for the tip Steph.