Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The King Speaks and Trees

With all of these doctor’s visits recently I’ve failed to mention that our little guy is starting to “talk”. It is so cool (I’m not gonna say cute); I kinda think it was out of necessity because he starting his talking right about the time that we noticed his little “hurt”. Maybe we was trying to tell us something, “Hey dad, my ass hurts” I don’t know. My favorite thing is to tell him “I love you” and then have him return the sentiment with his little coos. I just know that I love you will be his first words.

During the week Lil Money and I take daily trips to the backyard and I tell him a bit about the plants and trees we have. A brief description of their short history in our yard and a little bit about the plant itself, we then have a seat under our Arizona Ash, thanks grandpa, and chat as we watch it sway in the cool summer breeze. I refer to the tree as his friend and usually have him talk about his day and I tell him about my day. The Wife doesn’t think he can have a tree as a friend, but I beg to differ. I mean, I loved trees when I was a kid and still have a spot rooted in my heart for them. See what I did there, rooted, yeah. But trees are great, you can climb them, get out of blazing sun under them, animals love them for shelter, they’re just great. But, I love it when we’re out there; he really goes to town chatting it up under that tree, he’s really got a lot to say and I know he’s enjoying himself. Those days will forever be memorable as priceless father and son days shared and serve as yet another reason why I love trees.


Anonymous said...

Your yard looks really nice...good job!!

DY said...

Thanks, it took a lot of work and help from Crystal's aunt.

Erica said...

yeah your yard looks great! and i didn't know we had all sorts of royalty & important people in our family. grandma used to call jackson 'el capitan'. So we've got The Captain, your little King, and let's see, I guess Delaney can be The Queen Bee! :)