Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Hour:
Friday night The Wife and I headed out to Sherlock’s for a happy hour. We don’t go “out” often anymore now that we have a little one, well, we hadn’t really gone out too much even before him. We’re more of a dinner and drinks kinda couple. But the happy hour was quite entertaining. She caught up with old friends and laughed with new folks.

As the night went on the brew went down quicker and the laughs came harder. And finally the band, The Video Stars, went on. Fronted by an energetic young thang, this cover band played jams by Poison and even Bobby Brown. Good times.

So you think you can dance:
Not really... After happy hour we decided to see what Reno was up to, since we were in his neck of the woods… No answer, so we started heading home. Just as were getting into South Austin I received a text that read “Beauty Bar, MJ memorial tribute night. You in?” Hell yes we are.

We got there a little while before Prince Klassen began to spin so we had a chance to catch up with Bradford and Reno and down a tall-boy. We made our way in and set up shop on the dance floor and just then MJ’s greatest were mixed, we danced and laughed in memory of the King of Pop. I have to say I had a great time, even though the night began with beer being spilled down the back of my leg. I rolled up my jeans and humidly danced the night away.

The night was coming to an end and as the last songs of the set were coming to close a girl, on her way out, walked up to me and said “I enjoyed watching you dance”... I replied “Ha, thanks!” Never in my life has anyone ever said that to me. I don’t dance often and really don’t like to because I feel like people are watching me, but its honestly one of my guilty pleasures. Music literally and figuratively moves me. Her comment was a great compliment to the night.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday:
A lazy day at the headquarters, The Wife and Lil Money were napping, what else am I to do? Fire up the grill. I really enjoy manning the pit and the smell and sizzle of meat on the grill. Nothing fancy today, just some chicken and bacon wrapped pork loin. Paired with corn on the cob and baked beans with a nice glass of sweet tea, makes for a delicious Sunday lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Good Times and Good Food. What more could you ask for.