Friday, January 29, 2010

Sharp Dressed Man

It’s a gloomy, cold and rainy day in Austin. A perfect day to for impeccable dress. Well… at least for me. I can’t exactly put my finger on it but I’ve recently been completely consumed with what I’m wearing. I’ve gone through stages in my life where my style has changed but for the most part I’ve always cared about what I’m wearing. Something like a second skin. Some people are more daring with their color choice or patterns while other are more conservative. Our clothing of choice often time speaks for us before we even open our mouths, whether it be in a negative or positive light. And I’ve been no stranger to both aspects. But now; maybe because I’m on the verge of fatherhood, I’m again taking my clothing choice and style more importantly.

Growing up in a single parent household with siblings, dressing up wasn’t something that was often done. No, our “best” was in reserve for picture day or holidays and I looked forward to those opportunities. I can still remember my sisters talking about what I was planning on wearing for one holiday, good times. I don’t have any pictures at the moment, of my school-day’s but when I’m able to upload some, you’ll see a dapper young bloke. “G’d up from the feet up” well probably not the feet, I was still a sneaker kid. Yeah I rocked my sneakers with a sweater vest and tie before it was cool. My brother on the other hand had this thing for cowboy boots; ol’ boy would get down on those regardless if he was wearing shorts or sweat pants. But like many less fortunate kids we did the best with what we had in finding creative ways to make new looks.

Now a little more grown and more in tune with who I am and aspire to be for myself and my growing family, I have a look that I intend to perfect as the seasons change. If I had the gear (and the funds) the look that I’d like to be strutting around this town on this nasty Friday would be…

Naval Artillery Jacket - Heritage Collection.

Black Gingham Twill - Taylor Stitch.

Half Zip Collar Sweater

Ludlow Street Red Paisley Tie - Mountain & Sacket.

OR a Burgundy Polka Dot Tie.

Black Dress Belt

Black Dress Boots - Girogio Brutini

Now I'm not a brand man, never have been and most likely never will be. So the brands listed here really aren't the focus. My concern is more towards the fit, style and functionality of the product. However I do love that jacket and can't even imagine where else one could find such a solid and what I think unique product. As far as Taylor Stitch goes, I'll probably never own one of there custom tailor made shirts but I do enjoy visiting there site. Even if it is just to create a custom shirt I'll never own. The same goes for Mountain & Sackett, beautiful ties that I'll probably never own, but hey who knows? The cool thing about putting this wardrobe together was that while looking for the perfect scarf I found The Fine and Dandy shop, I didn't browse the site much but I am looking forward to it.

In the end, putting this look together was a damn good time. Inspired by the clean lines of a form fitting military uniform and here with the Artillery Jacket and glossy shoes, I had fun dressing this up. With the shirt pattern, tie choices and argyle socks I added my own personal flare and fun to an otherwise cloudy day.

Watch out now, here comes a sharp dressed man.

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Erica said...

what holiday were you talking about and what did we have to say? i don't even remember!

and, man i tried to imagine jerry wearing what you picked out. i can't! ;)

and can you dress me please? :)