Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again.

I'm not one to maintain or even really care about my online presence, hence the reason I've temporarily abandoned this blog. Not only have I neglected SBoB, I also started a new blog with good intentions of maintaining and updating it. It was to be devoted to my yard and all the seasonal happenings that go along with maintenance and care for it. I had planned to blog with pictures and maybe post small reviews on products and/or tools I was using but just minutes ago I deleted that blog.

Some time while Brad(ford) was living with us he went on and on (and on) about this Twitter thing. To which I initially thought was a new media source that was completely full of shit. I mean really, who needs to know that you just clipped your toenails and now you're eating steak? Oh the joys of summing up a moment in 140 characters or less. Just the self absorbed, narcissistic crap we need hitting our hip or inbox on a daily. Breath... But as I do, I joined and even (Insert air quotes) tweeted a few times. Lame attempts to be clever in my allotted 140 characters. But soon grew extremely tired and even annoyed with constant -how do you say- bullshit posts of others. I even found myself falling victim to my own dislikes, posting craptastrophies from time to time. And so, with-out the announcement that so many attention craving people on social networking sites do, I quietly left. I haven't been happier.

Wow, that was more of a rant than anything else... And yet, here I am. Again. My feeble re-beginning at reaching the blogosphere.

Note: I'm already hating this! I'm trying to find a way to add music to this post and can't figure out how to do it.

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Anonymous said...

haha....i was wondering where you had gone. you were MIA for awhile. GO GREEN!!!D