Thursday, January 28, 2010

#4. Start Recycling

This one took some time to actively happen... Not due to lack of effort, because I did save cans. Cans that started to overflow cause I never did anything with them. but hey that beats tossing them out just to take up space in a landfill somewhere right?

I can't remember, but at some point... Let's say early 2009 our neighborhood's garbage disposal service FINALLY offered weekly recycling pick up. Something I had looked forward to for a long time, since apartment life didn't offer it.

The first week came and I was prepared, but were the recycling guys? As I stated above I had been collecting cans for quite some time. long enough that in that time we had three different people living with us on two different occasions. Had several parties, drank too many beers and ate poop loads of corn. How's that for imagery? -Pause- Okay, shake that thought. That's just crass. Ahem, okay... Where were we? Oh yeah the first week. So, with a shiny new blue green tub in hand I emptied the contents of a garbage receptacle, well as much as I could. Filled the blue green tub to the TOP with with crushed empties; Sunkist, Lone Star, Coors, Big Red, Dr. Pepper, Bud & Light, Coke & Zero, and of course the before mentioned corn (Don't think about it), green beans and such. They christened the brand spanking new blue green tub in party like fashion, all out-to the top.

This was the norm for about three weeks. My recycling crew had to have thought we were some sort of soda-beer-canned-vegetable fiesta hosters. On a weekly basis. But soon the contents of my overstuffed, crushed can devoted garbage can was empty.

Now, the only party our blue green tub hosts are those of laundry detergent & milk jugs, water bottles and the occasional wine bottle, with a few canned vegetables as the "OG's" of the party.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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