Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#56 Inspire. DONE.

Well that didn't take long at all, #56 on My List can be crossed off. on top of that, this pairs with #31 on my list so now I'll have to add $5.00 to the 101 in 1001 savings bank. Sweet-ass! :) 

But today, I'm here to tell you that I've inspired a good friend of mine, Crispy, to start his own 101 in1001. Ever since I mentioned that I had a blog and upon his first visit to it he's been all bout it, he thinks it's the coolest thing. For good reason too, it is a pretty awesome blog. Ha-ha, kidding. Seriously though, he digs it and likes the idea of having an presence in the great world wide interwebs. he's been wanting to start a blog for some time now, we even briefly started one together but nothing came of it and I think the blog itself may have been pulled from blogger. Oh well. 

Now Crispy's got a list of his own and will soon be starting his own blog just like I did in 2007. This is a great opportunity for him to accomplish some goals and the blog will (should) hold him accountable since his list will be published. Besides, this is too much fun and some of the tasks on his list match mine, so we should be able to accomplish them together. Stay tuned and I'll revisit this post with a link to Crispy's blog once he starts one. 

Here's his list of 101+

1 Get a motorcycle license
2 Buy a new bigger TV for the living room
3 Buy a motorcycle
4 Beat Nat Mendez at madden(trust this dude is cold at madden)
6 Buy a vehicle (sharing a car sucks and kids can’t ride the motorcycle)
7 Make my own pizza
8 Join a crossfit gym
9 Get promoted or at least get paid more
10 Lose 30 more lbs
12 Tattoo (finish my sleeve)
13 Go camping
14 Get to work on time for a whole week
15 Find another place to live(house or duplex)
16 Take my mom out to dinner
17 Get married to BRANDY
18 Clean out closet and drawers
19 Do dishes everyday
20 Go to the drive in
21 Go tubing
22 Buy a lawn mower
23 Read a book
24 Run a 5k
25 Go to a Dallas Cowboys football game at the new stadium (still haven’t been)
26 Go scuba diving
27 Buy new couches
28 Take a hip hop dance class (gotta sharpen up my moves hahah)
29 Go skinny dipping
30 Buy a laptop
31 Buy a video camera
32 Take the family to the aquarium
33 Go H.A.M. when it comes to training
34 Go to Schlitterbahn
35 Go to Six Flags
36 Try out a game of disc golf
37 Take fam to the zoo ( dallas or ft worth)
38 Buy a new mattress
39 Go to a Miami Heat game
40 Go to Texas Rangers game
41 Save more money
42 Design my own t shirt
43 Go to tailgate
44 Go to Texas Football game
45 Take a boat to the lake
46 Donate clothes I no longer wear
47 Take a family photo
48 Try rock climbing
49 Take a trip to my grandmas
50 Buy dumbbells (don’t have any so any weight is heavier)
51 Clean house
52 Eat smaller portions
53 Volunteer at the Special Olympics
54 Buy a bike and ride with the kids
55 Buy a bed set 
56 Go somewhere I've never been
57 Go to a UFC fight
58 Fly on a plane somewhere
59 Attend a Halloween party (so I better get invited to yours) haha
60 Take family to visit my dad
61 Start a blog
62 Go on a beach vacation
63 Go to the ROT Rally
64 Meet a celebrity
65 Go to SxSW
66 Go to ACL
67 Drink a green beer
68 Buy a tablet(iPad2, Kindle Fire, whatever)
69 Get the iPhone 5 when I get a new phone
70 Go to an art museum
71 Eat something ive never tried
72 Go to a hookah bar
73 Ride a bull
74 Take kids to Sea World
75 Go bungee jumping
76 Go water skiing or wakeboarding
77 Try kite surfing
78 Go bowling
79 Go on a helicopter ride
80 Take family to Blues on the Green
81 Go watch the bats
82 River boat day cruise
83 Go to a Houston Texans game
84 Eat somewhere new
85 Pay off credit card
86 Be more happy
87 Get a massage
88 Get a pedicure and manicure
89 Play the lottery
90 Take the kids to a park
91 Buy a weed eater
92 Kick it day with DY (Mortal Combat and a bad ass movie)
93 Random dancing in public
94 Date night with the  Ybarras
95 Go fishing
96 Take more pictures
97 Go on a picnic
98 Go to the Texas State Fair
99 Retry Crispy-Bang
100 Tint the windows
101 Buy a surround sound

Alternate - Buy a camera

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