Thursday, March 15, 2012

#17 Compost more. DONE.

Last spring after cleaning the yard and flower beds, preparing for new plants and flowers, I had a lot of extra clippings, leaves and various yard-waste. I had been thinking about starting a compost pile for a while but never took the time to get started, that and the fact that I had a feeling The Wife wouldn't want me collecting a pile of decomposing earth in our backyard. I’m sure her main concern was, the aesthetics of a compost heap don’t quite blend well with a manicured lawn and trees, I understand that.

With that in mind my composting began in planter-pot. The pot was small enough to not be an eye sore but big enough to start. Initially the pot didn’t have any drainage holes so I had to drill them, gotta have drainage and air circulation or that heap will begin to STANK!

Original Compost Pile.
Recently we’ve been getting a much appreciated amount of rain; while good for the drought burdened area it’s not so good for my potted composting. The lack or aeration and drainage has made for sour turns, not good. Now that The Wife is pretty much on board with composting and Young Money helps turn it when we’re in the yard playing, I’ve decided that now is a good time to “Compost more” (#17).

New Compost Heap.

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