Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Had a Dream

So I'm still on the mend from my Achilles injury [see: June] and every now and then the pain hits and I have to medicate. This doesn't happen that often and I'm glad cause I HATE the meds. Immediately after the surgery though I really needed them, the weird and entertaining thing about the meds though, was they would induce dreams every time I took them. 

I enjoy dreams and dreaming, I actually could go for a nightmare (they're fun too), I can't remember the last time I had one... Anyway... The thing I hate about dreams is waking up, the end of the dream, I'm exhausted when I wake up and for some reason my legs are always sweaty, what, am I running track meets in my dreams? 

So last night I had a weird dream, I guess some would call it a nightmare, but for me it was just weird. Here it is in a nutshell (Whatever that means). A douchebag high school football coach of mine (In real life) was trying to kill me. Only he wasn't a coach, just a character in my dream played by the coach. Yeah, that's about it. weird. 

Recently though, I've had some pretty good dreams. One of my favorites from not too long ago, I guess around college football bowl season. This dream is pretty simple too. There's no real setting for the dream or much dialogue but all I remember is I was dating Erin Andrews. If you clicked on the link, that kid is right and my hero for the sake of this post. 

Another dream I had which probably deserves it's own post is pretty creepy, it's been a while since I had it, so I barely remember anything from it but it goes something like this. I was me in the dream. I'm not sure where I was or what I was doing but I must've been causing mischief cause an older man started yelling and chasing me, I jumped a fence and was able to get away. When I got home (In the dream I must have still lived with my mom), the man was there talking to my mom as I walked in. I could hear her talking to him, when she said "That's impossible, my son has been dead for years." Hearing that was staggering, even though I knew it wasn't true. But she went on, telling the man that I was killed a young boy in a moving accident, apparently when I was young I got in the way while appliances were being loaded into a truck and they fell on me. When the man left, confused and embarrassed I told my mom "I can't believe you told him that." Then she told me she needed to tell me the truth, the truth that I had been dead this whole time, I wasn't the normal aging person I thought I was. I didn't believe her, if I was dead why was I involved in everyone's lives, then she made it all too clear to me. I wasn't involved, I was only included in my family's life, they accepted the fact that part of me wasn't ready to go and they weren't ready to let-go. They would talk to me like people talk to themselves, so wherever they were, I was too. Whatever they did, I did too. There love and memory of me kept me "alive." In the dream, my character began to look back at the "life" I had and realized that I was never really there, there were no school pictures of me, no prom, no graduation, no love, nothing. My heart was broken, I wasn't really alive but I felt the pain of realizing that I wasn't real and that I had never shared any experiences with anyone. Wow... Typing this out right now, the memory of the dream is coming back and, wow, it's a pretty emotional feeling. Okay, I'm sorry but that's it for now, I didn't expect this post to turn out this way and actually this wasn't going to be the main subject of this post. So, I'll have to continue this tomorrow or another day...

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