Friday, January 27, 2012

I Had a Dream II...

...Continued from yesterday

All right, it's a fresh day and Friday. Let's get on with the good. Where were we? Oh yeah, I had just finished up with my weird me-being-ghost dream. Enough of that, I had a dream before that one that was more entertaining for me. Wanna hear (read) it, here it goes...

Complicated Contagious

As I was walking out, I was following a group of three, they were gray haired and weathered but “alive”. The lady in the wheelchair was 79, I know this because she had three mylar helium balloons and one of them had 79 printed on it. I thought it to be kinda odd because usually birthday balloons come in 40, 50 and maybe 60. I don’t know if they make them for 60+ because, well, who celebrates with balloons at that point. Anyhow, that’s how I know her age.

I could hear them talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying (Not that I was trying to, I was just trying to leave) but they were happy and laughing. I didn’t know my way out, so I followed close enough    as they led the way but not so close that I was on their heels. As we came to the opening from the long hallway we were walking, we could continue straight down to a split hall with two sets of stairs leading down or turn right. They turned right so I followed; they quickly realized that turning right led to a gift shop and cafeteria and turned to the stairs. Still laughing and even more boisterous they entered the set of stairs to the right of the split.

For some reason I decided to stop following them and walked towards the stairs to the left of the split. We were leaving a hospital but the rush of people and the sounds they made as they passed by me ricocheted off the walls like a busy airport terminal.

I was finally able to walk a bit better from therapy to my recently repaired ruptured Achilles, still with a limp but confident enough to walk without the support of crutches. More aware of my surroundings now that I wasn’t following the “gray squad” I paid more attention to people walking towards me. A little boy about 4 years old weaved in and out passing people like water rushing through trees during a flash flood. A beautiful brunette lady wearing nude high heals, a navy high waisted pencil skirt and a doctor’s lab coat fussed over her cell phone as she walked by me “procrastination is the gap between intention and action.” She must’ve seen me looking at her because once she was passed me she looked knowingly over her shoulder back at me with eyes that owned me. As I turned back to the direction I was walking I bumped into an old man with a cane, he said “she was looking at me” chuckled and continued on his way, I laughed but knew those eyes were meant for me.

Distracted by my brief encounter with the hot doctor and the confident old man I lost sight of the crowd as a whole, I thought I noticed someone in the crowd but wasn’t sure and continued on my way down the stairs.

Imagine a movie camera positioned in front of me, focused on me in the bottom left corner of the frame and the blur of the passer-bys filling the rest. I hear a friendly voice say something over the crowd, not sure if the voice was directed to me or not I turn to look over my left shoulder. The camera loses focus of me and focuses on a girl, she’s wearing turquoise high heals, dark fitted denim and a peach colored button down shirt, that if she wasn’t wearing a matching turquoise necklace you could’ve seen her inviting neck resting over her collarbone. She says with a smile “you’re walking now!” and rushes over to me. I‘m only a few stairs down by the time she gets to me, she doesn’t let me come all the way up but stops me and bends down so were face to face. Her necklace dangles below her chin and she smells like a fresh bouquet. She puts her hands on my shoulders and says she has to hurry but with contagious excitement in her voice she says “we should have drinks…” and before I can obligingly respond she continues with a playful smile “and make things complicated.” She kisses me on the cheek and hurries back to the people she was with, I watch her as she gets lost in the crowd. I turn back amusingly confused with a smile on my face. I don’t know what she meant, but I wanted to. Heartbreak Warfare plays over the flood of the crowd in the hall and at a daydream’s pace I too get lost in the rush.

It’s 5:30 on a Tuesday morning, I sit up and think to myself “That John Mayer is full of shit” as his songs plays on my alarm clock that is set to KGSR his words and music fill the morning cool. Someone hit up Biggie, cause It Was All a Dream

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