Friday, April 30, 2010


Only now that I am a father do I know love at first sight. Though I don't always show it, I am a deeply emotional person and I love that about myself. My views of the future have widened as though in the past I was merely looking at it as though it were a thumbnail, now I see it as panoramic.

Now that I have "All the Cash I need" I think of my own youth differently. What was it like for my mother when she got a call from the school that I was hurt or when I walked into the house with blood on my hands? I don't know but I clearly remember every moment and never saw the slightest hint of fear in her eyes. Always confident, a comfort I will never forget, a strength I've inherited. But in relation to fatherhood that trait has yet to be tested and I am thankful. Let's not get it twisted, many thoughts have crossed my mind. I mean, as durable as I have been, my body has been failing me since I was a child, from stained-glass eyesight to a bad heart and a few other in between.

I'll get to it, nothing is wrong with me or my son. I just read a post from Dad Gone Mad, that triggered emotion in me and I felt for him as I was reading it. Thankfully all is well with him and his family but there are so many that suffer and I wish the best for them.

I love you Cash.

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