Monday, September 10, 2012

101 in 1001... Do it.

I've been neglecting this blog, but after last summer that's an awesome thing. That means I haven't been spending as much time strapped to a chair pounding out post like before. That means, that I've been taking advantage of a healthier life and have been getting out and living it up. Which is what brings me here today.

A buddy of mine was talking to me about his list and how he's been mentally checking items off, I can't say the same for myself. I know I've done some of the things on my list but now-a-day's it seems I'm more stoked about killing a task rather than putting it on blast. I think I've gotten to the point to where I can accomplish some things so fast that I'm mentally on to the next one already.

Example: As of my last accomplished post, nearly 4 months ago, where I took out three tasks, I have now accomplished ELEVEN more. Some even more than once. Woo Hoo!

Here's a brief look at what I've been up to...

18. Cook/Make something from my Pinterest
- In June I got all crafty and shit. Yeah, that's what I call it cause I'm a man. Haha. So I set out to Hobby Lobby, like a BOSS bought some supplies and created some custom ink for my Disc Golf discs.

21. Create short movies with videos (Clips) I've taken.
- So yeah, I've been making it a habit to capture more video. I've got a son who changes everyday and I want to remember that in a way still pictures can't capture. If this wasn't a lame blog, I'd actually have a video loaded for you to watch but... Well, I don't. My bad, next time.

39. Go Skinny Dipping.
- Done. And Done.

47. Go to the track and play the horses. 
- I wanna say we went twice this season. Nothing exciting happened, I didn't win big but I did win enough to keep playing and drinking and that's good enough for me. The next season starts soon so I'll be out placing bets this fall.

48. Go Tubing.
- Last summer was a long and slow burning summer, spending most of it injured had me determined to make the most of the sun season after rahab. And this video is just a snippet of that.

75. Record more video.

- Uhh... I guess this one goes hand in hand with #21.

80. Score within 5 strokes to par.
- Damn, I've been doing this for a while now. Granted it's at my "home course" where I have to opportunity to play at least once a week. But, I'm not taking anything away from this accomplishment, especially when my first score at the course (January 2012) was PLUS 26. Since January 19th, 2012 I have been scoring consistently anywhere from 0 to +4 and learning the game more and more each time.

88. Train More. Train Harder.
- After my injury I've realized more than ever than I need to get back to focuses on my health and fitness. I can proudly say that since January I've spent more time working out outside and lifting weights than I have been in recent years past. I've seen changes in my strength, in the way clothes fit and I feel better about myself. It doesn't stop here though... Next year I want to look at pictures of myself from this time and be exciting about how much better I look and feel.

93. Vacation at the beach.
- I can't believe I hadn't blogged about this already. Especially since I went twice and each time was a great trip. In fact we had such a great time that The Wife and I are hoping to make the trips an annual event. Our first trip was with a couple of friends in April, we enjoyed a childless, stree-free no rules vacation in beautiful South Padre Island, Texas. Can't wait 'till next year. Our second vacation was just as much fun with the family in Galveston, Texas with a stop in Brenham for a tour and taste of Blue Bell Ice Cream.

97. Win a Super Saturday (Disc Golf).
- This one's is almost out of my control. By that I mean, I have to actually play people to win. And since I've gotten better  I haven't had very many opportunities to throw with my crew. Summer is a busy time and as adults we've all got schedules and plans, family events and shopping at Home Depot or Bed Bath & Beyond. But in June I finally played the and beat the guys in my regular crew, for those counting, that's only 6 months after my very first round. #DiscountDoubleCheck


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