Friday, November 04, 2011

The Drew Rome

So some of my family are lucky to be traveling to the East to visit my sister during the Thanksgiving holiday. Although I was able to go for the first time this past spring, I wouldn't argue going back. I hope the family enjoys the vacation and the holiday.

For this post I decided to go back to putting kits together and hooking my brother up with a couple of looks that would be good for sight-seeing, family pictures and relaxing around the house, all the while looking top notch. Look N°1 is more casual and comfortable which is perfect for the long-walking sight seeing tours and also durable enough in case he has to catch a diving fade in the end zone. Look N°2, while still casual and comfortable is more of a cleaner look, so make sure to get yer-hur-did, cause pictures will be had. The looks are great for my brother because they're true his laid back casual style but still separate him from the other folks on holiday in their stretchy pants and favorite team sweaters.




Clara Turbay said...

I like what you post.
i´d apreciate if you have time check out my blog. and share some comments!

t said...

Nice looks!

Annushka said...

I like your style, it is very beautiful!!))