Wednesday, April 08, 2009

#11: Vaccuum at least once a month

Not too much to say here. No exciting picture of me 'gettin my vaccuum' on either. Haha!
I made this a task to be done simply because I was slacking on it for too long. But now, I'm back and better than ever. That's right BETTER! Now instead of once a month I'm doin it every Sunday.

I know what you're thinking... "It's just vaccuuming." To which I say HA! I laugh at you! When it comes to me, nothing is "just" anything! When I do something it has to be melodically calculated for perfection. Yes, even vaccuuming! My belief is, if something deserves to be done it deserves to be done right and on the first go. I don't like doin anything more than it needs to be done.

And for those who are still reading this and are still thinking it's just vaccuuming, let me school you on my vaccuumin skillz! That's right, I spelled it with a Z, I keep it "clean" like that. Haha.

1. Dust from top to bottom. (Fans to blinds to decorations to table tops.)
2. Pledge to shine. Something about pledge reminds me of being a kid.
3. Remove and clean vaccuum filter.
4. Vaccuum furniture. (Not just what you can see, under coushons too!)
5. Move furniture for a complete and thorough vaccuum.
6. Hands and knees action. For the hard to reach spots get out the hose attachment and do work!
7. Put furniture back in place and admire the cleanliness.

There you have it. This sweat inducing total quality vaccuum is the thing Good Housekeeping dreams are made of.

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